Selling F.A.Q.

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The first step in selling property at auction is to obtain a free informal appraisal of the item. The figure is based upon the specialist's expertise and knowledge of what similar items are fetching in the current auction market.

We are pleased to meet with you in person to evaluate your items. Alternatively, you may e-mail us photos of your items along with dimensions and any other information you may have.

After reviewing the auction estimates, the next step in the consignment process is to review a Consignment Agreement for your property. The Consignment agreement will include a complete listing of your items, an auction date, commission fees, insurance charges and company policies.

Outright purchase of property allows the seller the advantage and convenience of immediate payment. Many sellers prefer this method of sale rather than consigning their property to auction and awaiting payment after the successful sale of the items. When calling or emailing, please mention if outright sale is of interest to you.

For larger groups of property, collections or estates, please contact us at 561-385-0649. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and develop a plan for your situation.

We are always looking to purchase or consign Jewelry, Artwork, Sculpture, Porcelain, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Art Glass, Asian Works of Art and Mid-century Modern Furniture. Please click here for a more detailed listing of items we handle.

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